Ole Miss Professor Complains About How Much Money Lane Kiffin Makes, Gets Bodied On Twitter

Ole Miss Professor Complains About Lane Kiffin's Salary, Gets Bodied

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  • A professor at Ole Miss doesn’t seem too happy about how much money Lane Kiffin makes, or how little she makes, for that matter.
  • Folks on Twitter were quick to make jokes about the professor’s tweet about Kiffin’s new contract.
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Ole Miss held onto head football coach Lane Kiffin despite a handful of major jobs opening up around college football, many of which he was linked to in some capacity. To keep Kiffin in Oxford, and as a result of a 10-2 season, Ole Miss had to hand Kiffin a new contract, and it was a large one.

Kiffin now has a contract in place with Ole Miss through 2025 and will make a salary $7.25 million next season. That number will increase $100k each year, on top of other incentives attached to his new deal.

While Ole Miss football fans are pleased with Kiffin’s new deal, not everyone in Oxford is happy about the money he’ll be making.

Associate professor Anne Twitty reacted to the news of Kiffin’s contract on Twitter pointing out the fact how little money she makes compared to the school’s head football coach. Twitty thinks her job is more important than Kiffin’s, and maybe it is, or maybe it isn’t, but airing your grievances on Twitter for everyone to see it is a rather bold play.

Teachers deserve to be paid more than they do, across the board, we all know this, but comparing salaries to the head football coach who generates millions for the university and the city isn’t a winning formula.

Ole Miss Fans Call Out Professor

Ole Miss fans were quick to call out Twitty for her tweet. Here’s a look at some of the best reactions:

Maybe if Twitty does want a bit of a pay bump she should focus on getting her Rate My Professor score up. A 2.1? We can do better, Professor Twitty.