Potential Top 10 NFL Draft Pick Matt Corral Gets Carted Off With Injury At Sugar Bowl

Ole Miss QB Matt Corral, who many consider to be a top 10 pick in the upcoming 2022 NFL draft, appeared to suffer a serious injury in Saturday’s Allstate Sugar Bowl.

In the first quarter of the Ole Miss-Baylor game, Corral had to be carted off the field after getting tackled in the backfield.

Corral was later seen returning to the sideline on crutches.

Earlier in the week Corral explained why he decided not to opt-out and play in the Sugar Bowl.

โ€œI mean, it was just my teammates โ€ฆ I never questioned it โ€ฆ If I was them (Ole Miss teammates), in their shoes and they had a quarterback in the same position โ€ฆ I just couldnโ€™t live with what they would think of me, like just leaving and just being like โ€˜alright that was the last gameโ€™ and nobody knowing that was the last game,โ€ Corral told reporters. โ€œThe only reason why I say this is because no one really understands how close we really are. It just wouldโ€™ve been the wrong thing to do, just not playing and just holding out on them.โ€

Fans immediately noted that Corral should not have been playing and rising injury during a meaningless bowl game months before the NFL draft.