Olivia Dunne Shares Her Expert Advice On NIL With Prospective College Athletes

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Lately, when she isn’t blowing up on TikTok with a beach video or showing off her tan lines, Olivia Dunne is out there doling out NIL advice to young athletes.

A couple of weeks ago, the popular LSU gymnast spoke to J.D. Durkin of The Street about and offered up several tips including, “Surround yourself with trustworthy people. That’s what I would say. I have my family, my coaches, my team, very trustworthy people. Make sure there’s people that aren’t going to use you for that money.”

On Wednesday, Livvy was again given a forum to discuss NIL and what student-athletes can do to make it work for them.

Speaking at the On3 NIL Elite Series, Olivia Dunne echoed one of her statements to The Street, “I would say first and foremost, find a really good agent.”

Dunne said about choosing the right partners, “That our values align. That it’s someone I can trust. I had a bigger vision – WME could see my vision.”

Olivia Dunne’s mother Katherine Dunne was also on hand and added that it’s not easy, “I do see the kid who goes home every day and works on it. I remember the kid when there was very little engagement and she posted four or five times a day.”

Dunne, who has a $3.4 million NIL valuation according to On3, also discussed how she manages all of that work in addition to her studies and gymnastics.

“At school, I wake up and then I do my schoolwork and sometimes we have weights in the morning, at like, 7.am.,” she explained. “But I try to get all my schoolwork done in the morning so that at practice I can just focus on practice and getting that done and doing the best I can in the gym.

“And then after practice, you know, washing off and getting my social media stuff done. … And I feel like it’s all about compartmentalizing everything.”

She also talked about several other topics like being flexible with finding other interests you enjoy outside of sports.

Livvy also revealed that she had to work at doing some of the things people see on her social media channels.

In another portion of the event, Livvy was asked about what to look for in a school’s NIL program, her relationship with Vuori, the biggest lesson in NIL, and her plans for after LSU.

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