Olivia Dunne Is Blowing Up Again On TikTok With Another Viral Beach Video

olivia dunne Sports Illustrated Swimsuit release party - beach tikotk

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“Meet me at the beach!” Olivia Dunne wrote in the description to her latest TikTok video that has gone viral.

On Wednesday, the popular LSU gymnast followed up last week’s beach video in which she performed a back flip off of a rock on the beach with more from that same setting.

In the new video, the highest paid NIL female athlete in the nation jogs, spins, performs a handstand, then transitions into a back hand spring before blowing a kiss to her 7.4 million TikTok followers.

@livvy Meet me at the beach! @Vuori Clothing #foryou #gymnastics ♬ A refreshing, transparent and bright ukulele for corporate VPs and commercials(992715) – Tomo

In between her two beach-nastics, as she called the first one, videos, Livvy also shared a video on TikTok with the description “I do indeed like purple.”

Naturally, as she lip-syncs to the sound of Lil Mabu’s song “Mathematical Disrespect,” Dunne is wearing a purple top. She also, once again, proudly showed off her cowboy boots.

@livvy i do indeed like purple. #foryou ♬ original sound – ers1🥷🏻

Olivia also recently shared a couple of birthday shoutouts to another Olivia, fellow TikTok star and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model Olivia Ponton, who turned 21-years-old on Tuesday.

Dunne and Ponton have also appeared in a few TikTok videos together based around the SI Swimsuit Issue.

@iamoliviaponton she said @Olivia Dunne ♬ original sound – ☀️

@livvy What’s better than 1 liv? 2 livs. #foryou #siswim ♬ original sound – Joeyy:)

@iamoliviaponton my girls @SI SWIMSUIT 👙@Olivia Dunne @Ellie!! ♬ original sound – MSZ®

Olivia Ponton actually has around half a million more followers on TikTok than Dunne with 7.9 million fans.

Dunne also shared some financial advice to all of the athletes out there looking to cash in on NIL deals.

“Surround yourself with trustworthy people,” Livvy advised. “That’s what I would say. I have my family, my coaches, my team, very trustworthy people. Make sure there’s people that aren’t going to use you for that money.

“For other athletes, especially, that are in college, I would say spend your money like a college student, put all that money away, invest it, and just spend it like a normal college kid.”

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