Olivia Dunne Shows Her Astonishing Flexibility In Tight Sportswear During LSU Gymnastics Workout

Olivia Dunne

Stew Milne/Getty Images

LSU’s gymnastics sensation Olivia Dunne has once again set social media abuzz with her jaw-dropping flexibility and athletic prowess.

With a staggering combined following of over 10 million on Instagram and TikTok, Dunne’s recent gymnastics workout video has left her fans in awe.

In the viral Instagram video, Olivia Dunne can be seen executing an extraordinary routine at the LSU gymnasium, featuring an astonishing series of at least four front and back flips, followed by additional flips after her initial jump, ultimately culminating in a flawless landing on her feet.

The video was accompanied by a caption from Dunne herself: “Hey seniors can play with new skills too! #vuoripartner.”

Olivia Dunne’s remarkable display of gymnastic talent comes as no surprise to those who have been following her journey.

As a prominent member of the LSU gymnastics team, she has consistently showcased her exceptional skills and dedication to her craft.

Dunne’s social media presence has only served to amplify her influence, inspiring aspiring gymnasts and fitness fans.

This latest viral video is just one of many instances where Dunne has captivated the internet. Recently, a video from her Sports Illustrated swimsuit beach shoot gained widespread attention on various social media platforms, further solidifying her status as a rising star.

Olivia also recently posted pictures of herself wearing pink gymwear on the LSU campus, which also went viral

In addition to her gymnastics endeavors, Dunne also recently participated in the “I’m Thirsty” challenge, demonstrating her adventurous and playful side by lying down in a bikini while a friend poured water over her.

This lighthearted moment showcased Dunne’s ability to connect with her audience beyond her impressive gymnastics skills.