Olivia Dunne Goes Viral On TikTok With Humorous New Hotel Room Video

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Popular LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne has once again gone viral by posting a short video for her 7.5 million followers on TikTok.

This time around, Livvy the “Rizz God” made social media gold with a humorous new TikTok video taken from inside a hotel room.

“Can we FaceTime?” Dunne wrote in a caption over the video of her standing on her bed in the hotel room.

She isn’t standing long as the 20-year-old quickly flops on to the bed with a voiceover from the kids show Peppa Pig saying, “Miss Rabbit has fainted.”

The scene then quickly repeats itself with the voiceover adding, “Miss Rabbit has fainted again.”

“If he really wanted to talk face-to-face he would teleport,” Dunne wrote in the video’s description along with a eye-rolling emoji.

@livvy If he really wanted to talk face-to-face he would teleport🙄 #foryou #facetime ♬ original sound – R

The video, yet another in a growing list of TikTok videos that hint at there either being a man in her life or one that she is crushing on hard, has left fans once again wondering who exactly that might be.

“Who are you FaceTiming?” one viewer asked.

Guesses ranged from Baby Gronk (not likely) to Morgan Wallen (possibly) to LSU pitcher Paul Skenes (also possible since she likes baseball and has attended several LSU games).

Dunne has also hinted in previous TikTok videos that her crush either plays of played baseball, making Skenes and Wallen, who was a pitcher and shortstop for his high school’s baseball team, both solid guesses.

If Livvy shows up to the College World Series, speculation will only become more rampant.

Also, the whole Peppa Pig “Miss Rabbit has fainted” thing that Dunne used in her latest video is all the rage on TikTok with dozens upon dozens of similar comical videos making their way online over the past several days.

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