This FAIL Compilation Of Olympic Sports Is ALMOST Better Than Phelps Winning Another Gold Medal

I’m sorry, I take it back. I don’t know what I was thinking saying that anything is better than Michael Phelps winning another Gold Medal. Sure, this ‘FAILympics’ FAIL compilation of Olympic sports is better than Phelps winning another bronze medal but he hates winning bronze medals more than any man alive. At this point, with 21 gold medals to his name, he’s probably using his bronze and silver medals as coasters in his man cave, or he blew them up years ago while shooting skeet at the range.

Regardless, I just want to be very clear that I apologize for implying that anything on the Internet could be better than Michael Phelps winning another gold medal for America, because it was wrong of me to imply such.

As for the FAIL compilation at hand, I could watch this all day. I guess in many ways my enjoyment of this FAIL compilation is very similar to this dude’s tweet which has gone viral: