High School Football Player Successfully Bounces An Onside Kick Off Of His Opponent’s Face

Oh baby. Now we’re cooking. This is why I love high school football. You could never do that in the pros. Mostly because professional athletes aren’t 16 year-old kids that are 50% puberty and 50% elbows and knees. High school football is the best place in the world to do fancy shit like this. All you need is one or two players who are head and shoulders above the rest of competition and things like this can happen every play. All the kids out there on the field just so they can wear their jerseys to class on game day and look good for the ladies are not ready to play against the next Tom Brady or Beckham Jr. It’s kids like that keep this all entertaining. Otherwise we’d just be watching glorified Pee-Wee flag football with tackling incorporated into it. And that’s not why we pay $5 at the local high school on a Friday night.

h/t SB Nation]