Oregon Quarterback Marcus Mariota’s Senior Year Course Schedule Is a Joke

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Hey, don’t hate the man: Taking a couple of blow-off classes your senior year is THE POINT of college. Golf is obviously his lifeskill course and yoga is obviously his “maybe-I’ll-meet-hot-DTF-girls” course. Plus, he was redshirted and studied his heart out for a bachelor degree in general science, claiming “I wanted to get my degree; I wanted to leave with that in hand, because football is only a short period of your life, and I wanted to prepare myself for after” to the PAC 12 Network. With a 3.15 GPA, this year is all about padding the resume for the NFL. I doubt Oregon’s career services can help with that.

Oregon QB Marcus Mariota will be pretty focused on football this fall. His final 2 courses for credit this fall? Golf & yoga.

Pic via Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports

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