Orioles Fans Breakout A ‘Free Kevin Brown’ Chant Letting Ownership Know They’re Unhappy

Orioles fans chanting about Kevin Brown suspension

Getty Image / Rob Carr

The Baltimore Orioles are currently in first place of the AL East but have been at the center of controversy since suspending announcer Kevin Brown.

He was simply explaining the team’s history against the Tampa Bay Rays and was removed from the booth for doing his job.

Since then, many have gone to bat for Brown, even other announcers and broadcasters on rival teams. Now, Orioles fans are letting ownership know how unhappy they are about Kevin Brown’s suspension.

On Tuesday night, Baltimore was taking on the Houston Astros at Camden Yards. In the bottom of the seventh, the fanbase broke out into a clear “free Kevin Brown” chant.

Obviously sending a message to ownership about what’s transpired over the last few weeks. Here’s the clip from Awful Announcing.

Now, you’ll notice in this clip the announcers don’t say anything about the obvious chant. That’s probably because this is the Orioles broadcast.

Meanwhile, the announcers for the Astros broadcast acknowledged and supported Orioles fans in their chants.

Orioles fans will get their wish soon enough as the team recently revealed they plan to bring Kevin Brown back from suspension on August 11 when they takes on the Seattle Mariners.

Even so, the fanbase is seemingly upset with ownership for even suspending him in the first place. Which makes sense considering he literally did nothing wrong.

Brown is likely to receive a warm welcome once he’s back in the booth, as fans clearly miss his presence.

One thing is for sure, the opening game of the Orioles-Mariners series is probably going to have a ton of views from people who have access to the Orioles broadcast.