You Have To See The Orioles Logo With Different Types Of Birds

by 11 months ago

In 1966, under new ownership, the Baltimore Orioles tapped Hollywood animation studio creatives Paul Carlson and Stan Walsh to design a lovable bird character to help fans fall in love with the young and talented American League team. A logo with that bird was used for the following 23 years before disappearing for 23 years until 2012.

Today, the Orioles still rock the classic cartoon bird logo in traditional orange and black colors. The Orioles have stuck to the classic Orange/Black/White color scheme since moving from St. Louis and changing the team name from the Browns (good call, by the way). However, one graphic designer on Twitter has been experimenting with the Orioles logo… with different types of birds and associated colors.

One of the most entertaining accounts to debut on Twitter since opening day, @SmilingBirdLogo AKA Other Birds as the Orioles Logo. Michael Taylor, the creator of the account, isn’t an Orioles fan nor does he partake in any birdwatching -related activities. He is, however, one hell of a graphic designer.

Check out some of the designs you’ll find on @SmilingBirdLogo’s Twitter timeline:

See them all on Twitter at

In an interview with SBNation, Michael was asked if he had a least favorite birds and he replied with the most relatable answer in the entire world: “The ones that shit on my car.”

Well said, dude.



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