Oscar De La Hoya Drops A $500K Bet On Tiger Woods To Win The Masters

Oscar De La Hoya Responds Dana White

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  • Tiger Woods is making his highly anticipated return to the Masters this weekend
  • Former boxer Oscar De La Hoya dropped a massive bet on Woods to win the event in Agusta
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Tiger Woods is making his triumphant return to the course following a year-long hiatus.

That absence was due to a car accident that nearly cost Woods his leg. Instead, he’s made a complete comeback, and he’s making his debut at the PGA’s most notable event.

The legendary golfer makes his 2022 start at Agusta National as he competes to take home a Green Jacket at this year’s Masters. Through the opening round, Woods sits a stroke under par, good for a 10th placed spot on the current leaderboards.

That’s good news for boxer Oscar De La Hoya, who dropped a sizeable wager on Woods to win the tournament. Check out the huge bet below.

Woods entered the Masters field as a longshot.

In fact, just last week, he sat at 75/1. That was before he made his official announcement that he’d be competing in the field.

Those odds immediately jumped to 50/1 upon that announcement. Things finished around the 40/1 mark when all was said and done.

At that mark, De La Hoya’s wager would pay out an insane $20,000,000.

Through one round, things look good. Hopefully Tiger can keep his play rolling through the rest of the weekend. Everyone is rooting for the star to make a comeback, but maybe none more than De La Hoya.