Here Are The Most Overrated Golfers, According To PGA Tour Pros



Golf is supposed to be a gentleman’s game but those covering it seem intent on drumming up some blood feuds by repeatedly asking those on tour to put each other on blast anonymously.

First we had PGA pros unite in their desire not to help Bubba Watson in a street fight. Now we have them dishing on who they think is overrated.

And that’s bad news for two dudes who were hoping no one had noticed.

In an anonymous poll conducted by Sports Illustrated, PGA Tour pros voted Rickie Fowler and Ian Poulter as the most overrated players in golf with both receiving 24 percent of the vote.

Fowler has one career victory on tour while Poulter has two.

Poor Watson can’t buy a break and finished third, while Hunter Mahan took fourth. Technically, “Other” got 32 percent — which can’t be good for little-known pro Brent Other.

I’m on board with the Poulter choice but Fowler was in serious contention for all four majors last year. That’s damn impressive.

Also overrated? Poulter’s ability to stay out of trouble on Twitter.

[H/T: Golf]

Golf image by Shutterstock

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