Owners Are Reportedly Trying To Force Dan Snyder Out of Washington, NFL World Reacts

Report Details Dan Snyder And Commanders Allegedly NFL Scams

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  • Dan Snyder is involved with a workplace misconduct investigation with the Washington Commanders
  • The controversy has other owners plotting to remove him from the NFL
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Dan Snyder is surrounded by controversy.

The Washington Commanders owner is in the midst of a workplace misconduct investigation that could end his time with the team. The accusations range from sexual harassment to financial deception to tampering with the investigation itself.

There are even reports that he attempted to get commissioner Roger Goodell fired.

As those accusations continue to grow, the status of Snyder’s future has become cloudier. That uncertainty took another hit this weekend as a new report hints that the league’s owners are teaming up against him.

And if they get their way, Dan Snyder’s time in the NFL will be through.

NFL owners are counting votes to remove Dan Snyder from his position with the Washington Commanders

Reports are now surfacing that state NFL owners are counting votes to force Snyder out of the NFL. If they get what they want, Snyder will be forced to sell the Commanders.

There is a process that goes into the overthrow, but it appears that the wheels are now in motion. An anonymous source says that the owners are seeing if they can get to the 24 votes needed to oust the Washington leader.

As the negative headlines continue to pile up, Snyder’s firing from the National Football League is looking more and more likely.

The NFL world reacts to the news

The latest Dan Snyder reports have taken the NFL world by storm. Fans, media, and players are reacting to the news on social media.

Until the owners can get the 24 necessary votes, this is all just talk. But the fact that this is even a conversation should have Snyder worried about the future.