One PAC 12 AD Just Threw Cold Water On Teams Leaving For The Big 12

The Big 12 logo at the Big 12 Conference Tournament

Getty Image / Michael Layton

The conference realignment rumors seemingly never die down, and lately they have been focused between the PAC 12 and Big 12.

To give you the quick gist of it, the PAC 12 is having a terrible time with their potential media deal, as they have not yet presented a deal to the members with time ticking and their leverage decreasing every day.

Connor Toole from BroBible reported on the Pac 12’s issues previously.

On Thursday, they did get some good news after Apple TV reportedly expressed interest. That might not be the biggest platform imaginable, but it’s still a much better look than another name Brett McMurphy of Action Network says has tossed its hat in the ring: ION TV, a channel that currently devotes the bulk of its programming to syndicated police dramas and infomercials.

And, it does make some sense for the Big 12 to be looking to poach Pac 12 members, especially the four corners schools of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and Arizona State.

But, it sounds like that won’t be happening, as Utah Athletic Director Mark Harlan threw cold water on the idea.

Here’s a quick excerpt of the article he was referring to.

It may not stop with the entertainment aspect. Yormark continues to pursue the Pac-12’s Four Corners schools: Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah. There have been “weekly” conversations between the Big 12 and those four programs as talks have heated up, one league insider tells CBS Sports.

Big 12 sources were waiting anxiously to hear the results of a Colorado Board of Regents meeting held to discuss the program’s future in the Pac-12. The CU regents met in a special session, according to multiple reports.

It may only take one of the Four Corners schools to bolt from the Pac-12 for the other three to follow, Big 12 sources say.

I actually do not believe Harlan, and I think sooner or later, those four schools will end up in the Big 12, where they belong. Yes, I am openly rooting for the demise of the Pac 12, especially if Oregon gets left without a home. Enjoy the shiny uniforms in the Mountain West!