Packers RB AJ Dillon Is Going Viral After Violently Trucking A Minor League Baseball Team’s Mascot

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Packers’ running back AJ Dillon is known for his ability to run folks over on the football field. The guy’s self-given nickname is “Quadzilla,” and he’s got the muscle to back it up.

So when he was announced as being one of the Kenosha Kingfish’s mid-inning entertainers, fans just had to tune in. The idea was simple. Let Dillon do what Dillon does best. Run people over.

The team paired him up with another competitor in a football drill, and let’s just say his opposition wasn’t much of a match.

The Kingfish got their mascot, Elvis, to play a little defense as Dillon ran with the football. Elvis wound up being but a mere speed bump in Dillon’s rumbling down the third base line.

Take a look at the vicious hit that AJ Dillon applies on the overmatched mascot.

AJ Dillon runs over the Kenosha Kingfish mascot


By the time Elvis had gotten up to his feet in the Oklahoma drill, Dillon had a full head of steam as he barreled towards him. And the end result was just what everyone had anticipated.

The mascot’s head came flying off as he was violently thrown to the ground. Folks on social media were quick to react.

Even a few NFL players chimed in on the vicious hit.

We can report that Elvis the Kingfish is okay, and that he’s expected to make a full recovery, though he now knows how defensive backs feel when trying to take down the massive running back.

Hopefully, Elvis won’t have to endure that kind of physical pain in the future and Dillon will keep the trucking to the football field.