Paige Spiranac Goes Viral With A Hot Take About Bandwagon Fans

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Popular golf influencer Paige Spiranac is writing the book on how to be an influencer in the world of golf.

In a recent interview with Golf Digest, Paige said, “I’m always skirting the line of being overexposed and chronically online. It’s a tightrope act.”

She doesn’t have to worry about that. When it comes to her millions of fans, Paige Spiranac will never be overexposed.

As she also stated in the interview, “If my body makes someone uncomfortable, that’s not my problem. I’m not doing anything illegal. I’m not causing harm.”

No harm indeed.

Case in point: who got hurt by Paige Spiranac’s latest video to go viral where she discusses the scourge of the sports world? Bandwagon fans.

“Let’s talk bandwagon fans,” Spiranac begins. “So I’ve become a fan of a ton of different sports and even some different teams in the last couple years.

“For example, Formula 1. I found Formula 1 through [the Netflix series] Drive to Survive and I became absolutely obsessed with it. Some would say that makes me a bandwagon fan.

“But as we talk about making sports more global and growing the game, especially in a sport that I love like golf, how do we balance bringing in new people with calling them bandwagon fans?

“And I’m no angel here. I’ve publicly called people out for being a bandwagon fan. But as I mature and get older I realize that that is just stupid.

“And I get it. It is extremely frustrating to see people become new fans of your team when they’re successful when you have been there for your team through all of the highs and especially all of the lows.

“But remember, two is always better than one. The more people the merrier. So let’s bring people in.”

Paige then asked her many fans if they agree or disagree with her take on bandwagon fans.

“No need to make anyone feel unwelcome with negative labels,” one fan wrote. “Game is growing. Help the newcomers. Let’s get everybody on board with building more courses. Top Golf isn’t the long term answer for devoted players.”

“I’m fine with bandwagon fans until they start to act like they’ve been there for years,” another fan commented.

“Other people’s opinions about what I like or don’t like do not matter to me,” someone else wrote. “I like what I like, the end.”

Meanwhile, over on TikTok and Instagram…

@_paige.renee You are always asking me if I’m a golfer or a $tripper. Today we find out @LA Golf ♬ original sound – Paige Spiranac

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