Paige Spiranac Puts LIV Critics On Blast For Trying To Stop Golf From Being Fun

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The LIV Golf Adelaide Invitational was a resounding success for the offshoot tour in its sophomore year.

For the Adelaide event, LIV Golf debuted a ‘Watering Hole’ with a party-like atmosphere akin to the 16th hole at Waste Management Open in Phoenix.

Chase Koepka, Brooks’ brother, hit a hole-in-one at the Watering Hole in Adelaide and the crowd lost its mind. The golfers and caddies were completely drenched as water and beers rained down from the grandstands.

Those who haven’t embraced LIV Golf’s fun atmosphere were quick to criticize the Watering Hole. Golf influencer Paige Spiranac is now responding to those LIV Golf critics.

In Paige Spiranac’s latest video, she defends the right to have fun in golf. Paige Spiranac calls out the LIV Golf critics for saying there was ‘too much’ of everything in Australia. She asks a very simple question: when did too much fun become a bad thing?

UPDATE: Paige and/or PointsBet appear to have deleted the video from Twitter.

After defending LIV Golf’s right to have fun, Paige Spiranac discussed the PGA Tour’s Zurich Classic in New Orleans. She then asked her followers who, if they had to pick 1 golfer to be their partner in a team event, would it be.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people picked Jon Rahm. One person repliedRahm for his focus, Dustin Johnson for his coolness and / or Phil Mickelson to see how nice the guy is.

Another person wroteRahm. He seems like a cool down to earth dude. Plus he’d carry me to a victory.”

Some golfers/golf fans agreed with Paige Spiranac’s defense of LIV Golf:

Surprisingly, only one person mentioned Tiger Woods as the partner they’d want for a team event. And only one person named John Daly, arguably the most fun man in golf.

After Brooks Koepka’s impressive Masters, and the fact that we’re both FSU alum, I’d pick Brooks if I had my choice.

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