Paige Spiranac Delights Fans With Video Of Her Best Happy Gilmore Swing

Paige Spiranac shares video of her golfing and showing off her best Happy Gilmore swing for fans.

Getty Image / David Cannon / Contributor

Paige Spiranac has nearly 2 million followers on her Instagram for her impressive golf talents and maybe some other attributes as well. The former professional golfer gets tons of requests for video ideas and she was kind enough to display her best Happy Gilmore golf swing after many pleas from thirsty fans.

Paige revealed that her “most requested video is always the Happy Gilmore swing.” In an Instagram post, Miss Spiranac told her adoring fans: “You ask and you shall receive….usually.” Paige shared a video of her nailing the Happy Gilmore golf swing on Thursday on her Instagram.

That’s a magnificent Happy Gilmore swing. Paige is rising above it, harvesting the good energy and blocking out the bad. Feeling the flow, it’s circular. It’s like a carousel. You pay the quarter, you get on the horse, and you go up and down and around, in a circular circle with the music, the flow, all good things.

Let’s compare it to the master himself, Mr. Happy Gilmore.

That’s pretty damn close.

Now as far as fan requests go, Paige said there is one caveat — no feet pics. “Don’t ask for feet pictures, you shall never receive,” the golfing beauty told her fanbase.

Honest question: Who is asking for pics of Paige Spiranac’s feet?

For the Paige Spiranac’s foot fetish types, this is about as close as you’ll get.

Here is Paige’s regular golf swing and it is tremendous on its own.

When you’ve got to go golfing at 8, but have a modeling shoot at 9.