Paige Spiranac Demonstrates How To Hit A ‘Punch Shot’ In Helpful New TikTok Video

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Popular golf influencer Paige Spiranac is back with another TikTok where she shares some advice on how to become a better golfer.

This time she demonstrates the punch shot.

“Here’s how to hit a punch shot,” Paige Spiranac begins the video. “So you’re going to put the ball in the back of your stance. You’re going to choke down. Swing about 90 percent. You don’t want to put spin on the golf ball. Abbreviate your back-swing and your follow-through and that’s how you hit the perfect punch shot.”


Punch shot! Pro tip-swing a bit slower to bring the spin down

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It appears, based on the many comments, that Spiranac’s video has so far been very helpful to her viewers.

“I love your tips,” one fan wrote.

“You are such a good teacher. I love your teaching videos,” another viewer commented.

“Can you redo this video, I think there was something wrong with the audio. All I heard were angels singing,” someone else replied.

Also of note: Paige Spiranac has been extra feisty on social media of late.

Last week, she was ready to fight anyone who tried to cancel Tiger Woods after his prank on Justin Thomas.

Then she tried to get people on the internet to “lighten up, Francis.”

Of course, that didn’t work because people on the internet were very upset by one of her recent TikTok videos where she risked it all, flirting with a wardrobe malfunction while explaining how to properly grip a golf club.

“You’re not growing the game,” people whined at her, to which she replied on Twitter, “In 24 hours on social media, almost 4 million people watched a video on how to grip a golf club lol I like my odds that there’s people out there who learned something new. Growing the game one tit…I mean tip at a time.”

Speaking of the movie Stripes

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