Paige Spiranac Is Ready To Riot If Anyone Tries To Cancel Tiger Woods Over Controversial Prank

Tiger Woods passes Justin Thomas a Tampax tampon

Getty Image / Cliff Hawkins

Tiger Woods was in great form for his first non-Major Championship appearance in years. He finished birdie-birdie-birdie to shoot a -2 score of 69 at Riviera, the course where he made his professional debut decades ago.

Big Cat was piping it off the tee. He averaged 311.7/yards with his driver and was bombing it down the fairway.

On the 9th hole, Tiger Woods nuked his drive past his playing partner Justin Thomas. Then Tiger discretely slipped Justin a Tampax tampon as a joke. If this was anyone else in sports, any other athlete at all, there’s a chance that people would try and cancel that person. But this is Tiger Woods and it’s not happening.

Former pro golfer Paige Spiranac echoed that sentiment by saying “If anyone tries to cancel Tiger over this we riot. It’s funny.”

That photograph was taken by Getty photographer Cliff Hawkins. It was immediately spread far and wide.

Paige Spiranace swooped into the initial viral tweet with this response about LIV Golf and Phil Mickelson:

UPDATE: Paige Spiranac offers new ideas on the Tiger Woods x Tampax tampon controversy

After waking up and seeing her mentions, Paige Spiranac offered some new thoughts on the Tiger Woods situation and feminism.

Many people called it fake but I can assure you it’s 100% real. I just licensed it from the photographer via Getty. And you can zoom in and see Tiger passing JT a Tampax tampon just like in the memes:

Tiger Woods passes Justin Thomas a Tampax tampon

Getty Image / Cliff Hawkins

That image got picked up by PGAMemes and other golf accounts on Instagram. It blew up on Twitter. Everyone had jokes.

Some golf accounts tried to claim that it’s not funny:

Just as Paige Spiranac said, it’s funny. It’s okay to not like the nature of the humor. We can acknowledge that Tiger Woods could’ve made other more appropriate jokes. But that doesn’t mean Tiger’s prank on JT wasn’t funny because it was.

Did it set a great example for the youth and future professionals of tomorrow? Maybe not, maybe so. But it’s still funny. Tiger knows it. Paige Spiranac knows it. JT knows it. It was funny.

After the round, Tiger Woods was asked about smiling after his 3rd birdie in 3 holes. This was his answer:

Paige Spiranac says it all here:

Golf is great when Tiger’s on the tee.

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