Paige VanZant Will Return To The Bare Knuckle FC Ring This Summer Against A ‘Well-Known’ Name

Alex Menendez/Getty Images

Paige VanZant made her highly-anticipated Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship debut on February 5 at Knucklemania, losing in an unanimous decision to veteran fighter Britain Hart, who the world found out is actually not a human being but a feeling.

The 26-year-old VanZant planted seeds of doubt about sticking with a BKFC organization she signed a “multi-million dollar” deal with in August when just weeks ago she revealed that the ‘door is definitely open‘ with the WWE.

It’s now being reported that VanZant will be returning to the patented “Squared Circle” BKFC ring this summer, looking to secure her first win in a sport Shaq dubbed “the future of combat sports.”

“I really take my hat off to her because she didn’t have to do this,” BKFC Founder Dave Feldman told MMA Fighting. “Now I take my hat off to her even more because she definitely doesn’t have to do this again. She’s doing it and she really wants to prove herself and that’s the kind of person that I want to be in business with, the kind of person I have a lot of respect for. So I can’t wait to see what she’s going to do.”

Feldman claims VanZant’s next opponent is another “well known name” in the combat sports world.

“I think she’s going to adapt a lot more,” Feldman continued. “I think she’s really going to take a step up in her next fight. Pretty sure we have the opponent. We’re just dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s on this one. It’s another well-known name and I think the public is really going to get behind this one. I think it’s going to be a really competitive fight.”

Here is VanZant talking on our Endless Hustle podcast about her decision to join Bare Knuckle and why the sport isn’t as dangerous as it looks.