College Softball Game Gets Taken Over By Parrots

Parrots takeover a college softball game

Getty Image / SOPA Images

Every so often some cute animal runs around the field of a sports game and captures everybody’s interest.

Usually, we see animals like dogs, cats, squirrels, foxes, etc. Well, this time around a couple of parrots came out of nowhere and took over a college softball game.

In the bottom of the seventh in a college softball matchup between Bradley and Gardner-Webb, two parrots took the field and won the crowd over. Jomboy Media shares the clip of the two birds flying around.

I really wish that umpire put the mask back on and continued the game with a parrot on his shoulder. Maybe the bird can call out the strikes and outs for him. Okay, now I want a parrot.

Shoutout to the guy who casually allowed the parrot to rest on his finger and nonchalantly walked it off of the field. It makes me wonder if bird trainers are readily on hand at college softball games.

Also, where did these parrots even come from? Are you telling me there are wild parrots flying around North Carolina?

Apparently, that is not the case. According to the Bradley Braves website, these two parrots are actually pets. “The birds often fly around near the stadium and are free-flight trained, which means they can fly unrestricted when outdoors.”

The birds’ names are Tiki and Lelu, per the Bradley Braves. Both birds “heard all the commotion over at the field and decided to check out the action.”

Maybe Tiki and Lelu will make more appearances down the road. Wouldn’t that be entertaining?

Benedetto Vitale is a writer for BroBible and previously ClutchPoints. He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and is an avid of the Tennessee Titans, Memphis Grizzlies and Seattle Kraken fan. He graduated from the University of Oregon with a film degree, but has shifted his career to sports journalism.