Pat McAfee Settles His Lawsuit With Brett Favre, Shares Update On What Happened

Pat McAfee

Getty Image / Mike Lawrie

Back in February, Pat McAfee announced that Brett Favre filed a lawsuit against him over his defamation allegations.

Since then, it’s been an ongoing situation for The Pat McAfee Show.

Now, it seems the lawsuit has taken a turn once again. However, this time it’s good news for McAfee.

The popular sports figure addressed the lawsuit via video on his show and officially announced that Favre dropped the lawsuit.

Here is Pat McAfee talking about what happened with the Brett Favre lawsuit.

For anyone unfamiliar, Favre “alleged McAfee called him a ‘thief’ who stole ‘from poor people in Mississippi,'” per OutKick.

With that said, McAfee is cleared from the situation as both sides found a way to settle the lawsuit.

As for Brett Favre, he’s still very much in the weeds with the allegations he’s facing with the state of Mississippi.

Additionally, according to OutKick, “It’s also incredibly important to note Brett Favre hasn’t been charged with anything related to the scheme.”

This is still very much an ongoing issue and it’s unclear when it will be resolved.

So, while Brett Favre continues his legal battle with the state of Mississippi, Pat McAfee can go back to doing what he does best. Talk about sports.

McAfee is currently spending time with his family as he and his wife just had their first child. For that reason, AJ Hawks is filling in for The Pat McAfee Show for the time being.

We’re sure McAfee and the crew are glad to have this situation with Brett Favre come to and end.

With that said, keep an eye out for more updates regarding the allegations against Favre. More information on the subject should be released in the coming months.