Pat McAfee Weighs In On Tom Brady’s Divorce As Only He Can, Says The QB Is In Uncharted Waters

Pat McAfee Weighs In On Tom Brady's Divorce As Only He Can (VIDEO)

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During the Friday, October 28 episode of his radio show — the morning after the Tampa Bay Bucs lost at home to the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday Night Football — former Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee addressed Brady’s struggles as only he can.

Speaking of Brady’s 2022 season so far, McAfee makes the case that Brady is virtually in uncharted water as the NFL world has rarely, if ever, seen him struggle like this — both on-and-off the field — during his 23-year NFL career.

Radio host Pat McAfee addressed Tom Brady’s on-and-off the field struggles and said that he’s experiencing things he never has before

“He’s got a lot of s**t going on. I got nothing but respect and appreciation for what Tom Brady has done for the NFL and for the game. But I don’t think we can judge this Tom Brady off of previous Tom Bradys because this Tom Brady is going through some s**t that we ain’t never seen Tom Brady go through before and he’s f***ing 45-years-old,” McAfee said on the Friday, October 28 episode of his radio show.

“It sucks that we even have to talk about it, but it has to creep in — if you’re a human — into your workspace. And we just thought that Tom Brady is a robot. He’s a robot, he’s an alien, he’s a machine, he’s a winner. He’s Thomas Edward Patrick Brady III, or whatever the f**k it is. And he was a guy that we don’t understand or have any comprehension of. And now, it’s like maybe the most relatable thing of all time: he’s 45 years old, his arm seems to be struggling, and it seems like off-the-field he doesn’t have a perfect existence. It might be baby face for Tom Brady but it doesn’t help them on the field.”

As for what McAfee means by “baby face,” that’s a wrestling term used to effectively described “good guys.”

Despite their struggles so far this season — the Bucs are 3-5 through eight games so far this season — they still remain in the thick of the NFC South race as none of the other three teams in the division (Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, and Atlanta Falcons) have more than three wins as the NFL kicks off Week 8.

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