Patrick Mahomes Won’t Stop Practicing Insane Behind-The-Back Throws And It Raises One Big Question

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Patrick Mahomes is arguably the best athlete in football. The 26-year-old quarterback continues to do insane things that you don’t think would ever be possible during games but always manage to result in success.

His most recent trick has yet to be used during live action, but he won’t stop practicing the move so people are starting to wonder if he might.

During the early portion of training camp, Mahomes unveiled a new behind-the-back throw while practicing play-action RPOs. He took the snap, handed the ball off up the middle, caught another ball thrown at him, and then whipped the ball behind him with his throwing arm.

It was crazy, and as is with anything that Mahomes does, people went crazy. Take a look:

If that one throw was the only one, it might not be much to think about. It was cool and it looked great, but there’s no way that’s a realistic option during a game, right?

Well, not so fast…

Mahomes has reportedly tried the throw a few times since and broke it out again on Saturday morning. He took the snap and rolled to his left alongside Clyde Edwards-Helaire. Just before he would have turned up field and tried to score, Mahomes successfully flipped the pitch behind his back to his running back for the touchdown.

There are only a few situations where a behind-the-back pitch is even thinkable. The vast majority of them come in goal line situations.

While it’s wild to think of a quarterback throwing behind his back during a game, Mahomes keeps practicing the move so it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

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