Patrick Mahomes And Brittany Matthews Draw Real-Life Comparison With Halloween Costumes

Brittany Matthews Patrick Mahomes 101 Dalmatians Halloween

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  • Halloween was a success for Patrick Mahomes and his family.
  • He, his wife and his infant son dressed up in a great costume and won best dressed, but it drew an interesting comparison.
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Sterling Mahomes’ first Halloween was a success. With the Chiefs not playing until Monday night, his parents were able to get dressed up and enjoy the holiday with him for the first time and did an incredible job at getting in character.

While the costumes were great, their outfits could not have been more on-brand. The trio and their two dogs went as the famous novel and Disney movie ‘101 Dalmatians.’

Patrick went as a dog catcher, his fianceé Brittany went as Cruella de Vil, and their eight-month old went as a Dalmatian along with the two dogs. They executed everything to perfection and Sterling had a great time from the looks of the photos that were posted.

After getting the perfect shot, Brittany and Patrick headed out to a Halloween party on Saturday night where they won best dressed. It’s not hard to see why, because they looked great.

Take a look:

For Brittany to go as Cruella made for an interesting comparison. I do not know her personally, so I can not speak to her character nor how she is as a person on a day-to-day basis.

However, based on her social media presence and recent history alone, she is rather insufferable. As is Cruella de Vil.

In the story, Cruella de Vil is a pampered and glamorous London heiress. Brittany is both pampered and glamorous, and soon to inherit a $500 million contract from Patrick.

Additionally, as per the plot, Cruella is evil. She skins Dalmatian puppies for their fur.

Brittany is certainly not evil. As far as we know, she does not skin Dalmatian puppies.

With that being said, she is rather intolerable and carries a big presence in public, just like Cruella. On the other side, the dog catcher must put up with Cruella’s evil ways to earn their keep.

Patrick has been in the background of videos with Brittany before and he clearly wants nothing to do with them. He too must tolerate the bad that comes with her good to keep a stable life.

Presumably, Brittany did not choose the costume to play into the public’s portrayal of her. But if she did, it’s a brilliant troll.

Regardless of intent, she and Patrick both looked great. It’s no wonder they won, because their costumes about as accurate in real-life as it gets!