People Are Concerned For Patrick Mahomes’ Well-Being After His Brother’s TikTok Video Goes Viral

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Patrick Mahomes is about as low-key as it comes off of the field. However, the same thing can not be said about his family.

Over the years, the Mahomes family has had beef with fans, called out opposing players, constantly complain about referees, and even got in a physical altercation with an opposing fanbase. A timeline of how the Mahomes family has become extremely insufferable is exhaustive.

Perhaps most notably, Patrick’s fianceé Brittany and brother Jackson have become famous on TikTok— for all of the wrong reasons.

Earlier this season, Jackson received quite a bit of backlash for dancing all over a Sean Taylor memorial logo on the day that Washington honored the late safety. Now, people are worried about Patrick’s well-being after one of his brother’s old TikTok videos has resurfaced.

The video, which was first posted in June, shows Brittany and Jackson randomly decide to film themselves while dining at a restaurant. As the two dance, Patrick is very clearly unamused and uninterested.

In one video, he just ignores them while Brittany twerks and Jackson does a viral trend.

In a second video, Patrick just wants to eat his meal. At the end of the dance, he holds up his hand as if to say “wtf?”

The second video has since resurfaced and people are worried that Patrick is dead inside. They are saying that he hates his life and wishes his fianceé and brother would stop being how they are.

Here are some of the concerns, reactions and jokes:

Although the circumstances surrounding the video are unclear, Patrick’s facial expression says it all. While he tries to eat his chips in peace, he just wants Brittany and Jackson to do the same.

Poor Patrick.