Patrick Mahomes’ Fiancee Brittany Matthews Says She Was Scared For Her Life After Homeless Person Attacked Her Car

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Patrick Mahomes’ pregnant fiancée Brittany Matthews had an awful experience in Kansas City this week.

On Thursday evening Matthews took to social media to talk about a scary incident with a “homeless person” that took place in KC.

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“Guys, I can’t even talk about this because I just got so scared out of my mind,” Matthews said in a video after the incident.

“Ya know, with homeless people around Kansas City, there’s quite a few of them and I always try to give them the benefit of the doubt and be nice to them and wave at them and smile and give stuff if I have it — but like today, this guy really just messed things up.”

According to Matthews, she was so spooked by the homeless person beating down on her car that she sped off and ran a red light.

He kept coming … and kept coming … and so finally he was saying something and I was like ‘No thank you.’ So, I was like rolling all the windows up and right as I rolled ’em all up he starts beating on my car, beating on my windows right at my dogs and the dogs going ballistic.”

“So, I just sped off and ran the red light! I didn’t even look to see if anyone was coming or anything but you know what, I made it home and that was scary.”

Thankfully Matthews was able to get home safely and nothing bad happened to anyone involved.