Amazing Video Proves Patrick Mahomes Is The NFL Version Of Kenny Powers

Patrick Mahomes and Kenny Powers

Getty Image / HBO

In 2009, the world was introduced to an Instant Legend in the form of Kenny Powers, the foul-mouthed, fast-talking washed-up professional baseball player-turned-substitute gym teacher hilariously portrayed by Danny McBride on Eastbound and Down.

Powers is one of those characters you feel like you’ve encountered in real life despite his laughably larger-than-life personality.

Sure, you probably don’t know any washed-up professional athletes who’ve been forced to return to the small town where they grew up, but the series (which is essentially the R-rated version of a Hallmark Christmas movie) revolved around a man who’s familiar to anyone who’s interacted with someone who lacks self-awareness to a point where you almost have to respect it.

On the surface, Kenny Powers doesn’t seem to have much in common with Patrick Mahomes aside from the fact the two men were able to make a living playing professional sports. However, I guarantee you’ll never be able to look at (or, more accurately, listen to) the Chiefs quarterback the same way once you watch a video that highlights just how similar they are.

Earlier this week, Mahomes appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in the wake of Kansas City’s win over the Eagles in Super Bowl LVII to discuss some of the postgame festivities. That included an afterparty featuring The Chainsmokers and DJ Khaled, which the QB described as “every genre of music you need.”

While plenty of people mocked him for his taste in music, GrubStreet writer Chris Crowley noted Mahomes sounds just like Kenny Powers in the clip (which was a reference to both his cadence and the fact that the fictional character is 100% the kind of dude who would utter that kind of statement).

Another Twitter user was kind enough to take that comparison to its natural conclusion by splicing up the clip in question with another one from Eastbound and Down and, well, it’s safe to say Mahomes is basically the real-life version of the mulleted relief pitcher.


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