Patrick Mahomes Made A Super Bowl Bet With Cooper Manning

Patrick Mahomes and Cooper Manning

FS1 / Twitter

Patrick Mahomes was out in his full uniform for Super Bowl LVII Media Day.

Cooper Manning, older brother of Peyton and Eli, spoke with Patrick Mahomes about cowboy boots and Texas. Their conversation led to an interesting Patrick Mahomes Super Bowl bet.

The oldest Manning brother was representing NFL on FOX during the official Super Bowl LVII Opening Night. He was one of the first to grab Patrick’s attention, due in part to Cooper wearing a proper Texan outfit with the hat, vest, and boots.

After saying he owns a few pairs of cowboy boots specifically to wear to Country Music concerts and nothing else, Mahomes compliments Cooper’s boots. Patrick said he’s probably seen that specific pair in Lubbock, TX before.

Cooper jokes that they could fill up his boots ‘with cold beer, and the rest is history.’ Patrick, always a spokesman, notes that it would be Coors Light in the boots.

Patrick estimates he could fit ‘probably about 5 of ’em’ in Cooper’s boots and that leads to this Patrick Mahomes Super Bowl bet. Patty says if the Chiefs win the Super Bowl he’ll “drink the beer out (of) the boot” with Cooper.

Mahomes’ one stipulation is Cooper Manning needs to wash his socks before they start chugging beers out of his boots. This is a totally fair request.

Patty is a noted advocate of Coors Light. He got called out here after driving a bomb and saying “it’s that Coors Light, baby!” for always having a mention ready:

He talks the talk and walks the walk. Mahomes crushes Coors Light:

I think NFL fans everywhere would love to see this Patrick Mahomes Super Bowl bet come to fruition. Seeing Pat chug Coors Light from Cooper’s cowboy boots on Sunday would be epic.

Elsewhere in Super Bowl opening night, Patrick Mahomes discussed people making fun of his voice:

Mahomes also discussed how his family is more excited for Rihanna than the game:

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