A Patriots Fan Was Arrested For Pulling The Fire Alarm At The Steelers’ Hotel At 3 AM, Twitter Had Fun With This

As if this bitter rivalry needed more fuel on its fire, the Pittsburgh Steelers were woken up at 3 AM this morning at the Hilton Hotel in Boston after a conniving Patriots fan pulled the fire alarm at the hotel. The entire hotel needed to be evacuated.

According to Fox News,

Dennis Harrison, 25, of East Boston was arrested by Massachusetts State Police in connection to the false alarm. Police told FOX25 he was found walking on the hotel property and had activated the pull alarm.

According to the Boston Fire Department, the alarm originated in a stairwell at the hotel.

Police say Harrison was not a guest at the hotel and had no reason to be on the property.

Harrison has been charged with disturbing the peace, setting off a false fire alarm and disorderly conduct.

Tonight’s AFC Championship game has historical consquences, as the team to win  will be the first franchise in NFL history to make it to nine Super Bowls.

If the Patriots win and this becomes a storyline, I’m going to officially lose all hope in the media and humanity at large.

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