The Patriots Fan Who Pulled The Steelers’ Hotel Fire Alarm Revealed Why He Did It, And We Can ALL Relate



On Sunday a man was arrested for pulling the fire alarm in the Pittsburgh Steelers’ hotel at 3 AM in the morning. (Yes, Twitter did have a lot of fun with that.)

Turns out that this man was Dennis Harrison, 25 of East Boston, and, shocker, he’s a “die-hard” Patriots fan. Oh yeah, he also may or may not have been drunk. That too.

“I got drunk and did something stupid.”

Well, in his defense, who among us has not?!

State Police said he was not a guest at the hotel, and had no legitimate reason for being there, reports CBS Boston.

Yes, he did. He just told you the reason. Sheesh.

Harrison was arraigned in South Boston Municipal Court on Monday and charged with charged with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, and setting off a false fire alarm.

He was bailed out and released on his own recognizance.

“I got drunk and did something stupid.”