Patriots Mascot Reportedly Hospitalized After Getting Tackled By Jets’ Jamal Adams At Pro Bowl Skills Challenge

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Last night, Jets safety Jamal Adams posted a video on Twitter of himself playfully tackling the Patriots mascot at the Pro Bowl skills challenge.

Today Adams told ESPN that someone from the NFL notified him that the person in the Patriots mascot outfit had to be hospitalized following the hit.

Adams issued an apology and said that he wasn’t trying to hurt the Pats’ mascot.


He [the mascot] was running around and everybody was booing him, so I said, ‘You know what? Let me go tackle him,’ Adams said. “I didn’t hit him that hard, man. All jokes aside, I didn’t hit him that hard. I don’t know what’s really going on, but they did tell me he’s in the hospital. My intention was never to hurt him. it was all about just a joke but I definitely want to check on him and make sure everything is good. At the end of the day we were out here just having fun and it wasn’t nothing intentionally to try to hurt the guy.”

The Jets safety would later speak to Diana Russini and while he was sorry about hurting the mascot he doesn’t “regret it”.

Despite the fact that he was just joking with the mascot, Adams caught some flack from people like Skip Bayless over the tackle.

The NFL has yet to comment on the status of the Pats mascot but they have deleted the video from their social media networks after sharing it last night.

Update: Apparently the guy was indeed shaken up by the hit but was never sent to the hospital.

A Patriots spokesman, however, contradicted that account by telling the radio station WEEI that the person in the costume did not have to go to a hospital but needed on-site medical attention and was shaken up by the hit.

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