New Patriots Report Contradicts Recent Trade Rumors About Mac Jones

Patriots QB Mac Jones

Getty Image / Timothy T Ludwig

It’s been an odd offseason for the New England Patriots so far. Especially after recent rumors claimed the franchise may be shopping Mac Jones.

Well, a new report addresses that particular issue and it turns out to be contradictive of the previous rumors.

According to Mark Daniels, Mike Florio’s report about Mac Jones possibly being traded didn’t quite add up. Especially once Daniels spoke to some of his own sources.

“One NFL source said they hadn’t heard anything about the Patriots shopping Jones to any team this offseason, adding, ‘That’s news to me.'”

Florio named several teams who he claims have had trade talks with New England about Jones.

However, “a second NFL source said the Patriots haven’t contacted the Buccaneers about Jones, saying his name ‘has never come up’ this offseason,” per Mark Daniels.

Additionally, “a third NFL source said the Patriots have not contacted the Raiders about a trade involving Jones, either.”

With that said, it’s incredibly unclear how or where Mike Florio heard rumors about New England possibly shopping Mac Jones around.

On top of that, some of the moves Bill Belichick has made this offseason might be an indication the Patriots are sticking with Jones.

One decision that could really turn things around was the Patriots acquiring Bill O’Brien as offensive coordinator. Not only is he a solid OC, but O’Brien stems from Alabama, where Mac Jones went to college.

So, there is at least some hope that Jones can turn things around in New England. Especially now that he has an actual offensive-minded coach calling plays.

Even so, perhaps keeping an eye on the Patriots is best right now, as reports also have the team scouting Anthony Richardson in this year’s draft.