This Legit Might Be The Grossest, Nastiest Cut Ever Sustained In MMA – WARNING: GRAPHIC


Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

UFC Fight Night 95 was quite the show over the weekend. We got to see Roy “Big Country” Nelson kick a referee. We got to see Cris Cyborg beat the ever-loving hell out of yet another opponent. And we got to see Francisco Trinaldo earn a TKO victory over Paul Felder.

It’s that last fight that we’re going to focus on here today.

The fight was called due to a vicious elbow that caused some major damage above Felder’s right eye, as you can see above.

What you DON’T see in the video or in the photo above is just how freaking NASTY the cut truly was.

Thankfully, I guess, Dana White was on hand in the dressing room to snap a couple of close-up shots.


Ready? Okay then…


Here’s what Felder looked like a day later…

Whatever he earned for the fight it wasn’t enough.

Since you obviously love this shit, how about we compare and contrast Felder’s injury to THIS ONE…?

Ugh. Catch you guys later, gotta go throw up my lunch now.

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