Paul Finebaum Thinks It Will Be ‘Survival Of The Fittest’ In College Football Even More So This Year, Smaller Schools Will Struggle

paul finebaum 2020 college football season survival of the fittest

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It seems every day there is something new when it comes to the status of the 2020 college football season. While a majority of it is pure speculation, you have one crowd extremely optimistic and another that doesn’t believe there is any way the season will take place, or at the very least begin on time.

Let’s (hope) and assume that the season begins on time, but if it does it’s no secret that the bigger, more lucrative schools will have a massive advantage over the rest of the college football landscape. The Alabamas, Ohio States, and Notre Dames of the world always have a bit of an advantage, but this year particularly they will be able to take all of the changes and costly protocols in stride so to speak, according to Paul Finebaum. Smaller schools, however, simply won’t have the money to adjust and compete accordingly.

One of the biggest topics of discussion surrounding student-athletes is the testing aspect throughout camp and the season, which could end up being rather expensive.

“I’m always reluctant to quote [Charles] Darwin on sports programs but I think this is going to be the survival of the fittest,” Finebaum said on Outside the Lines. “The best programs, the biggest — the Alabamas, the Clemsons, the Notre Dames, the Ohio States — are going to be able to deal with this much better than the second- and third-tier [programs]. Because those smaller schools don’t have money. This is going to be very expensive.

The NCAA lifted its moratorium on voluntary team activities beginning on June 1. A good number of schools, Wyoming being the first, have announced that they will welcome student-athletes back on campus toward the start of the month.


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