Paul Finebaum Roasts Jim Harbaugh And Says There Is A ‘Loser Mentality’ At Michigan

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Paul Finebaum is a man that has never lacked in the hot take or passionate rant department. He’s made a living for quite a while now talking about the SEC and bashing other, less superior conferences on the college football landscape.

You can’t fault him for telling his audience how he feels about certain teams and schools and he’s always quick to call out well-known programs that are struggling like Miami.

Following Michigan’s loss to Penn State on Saturday, Finebaum offered up quite the take on Jim Harbaugh and the state of the Wolverines’ football program.

“It’s become a loser mentality at Michigan. I’m not necessarily blaming Harbaugh. I don’t even think Harbaugh, sometimes, knows or is cognizant of what’s being said around him because he lives in a different world than the rest of us.

“This attachment to Harbaugh is really downright sick. Like, Michigan doesn’t think it can go out and get a better coach. I could pick up the yellow pages of college coaches right now, close my eyes and pick a better coach than Jim Harbaugh.”

Talk about an unbelievably savage statement about Harbaugh. Finebaum starts out with the fact he doesn’t necessarily blame Harbaugh, then goes back-handed saying he lives in a different world than the rest of us.

Finebaum absolutely, 100% is not wrong about Harbaugh not living up to expectations. Those expectations were insanely high however after what he did at Stanford and taking the 49ers to a Super Bowl, so there has to be a little give-and-take when it comes to Harbaugh’s struggles and successes at Michigan.

The loss to Penn State on Saturday wasn’t a bad loss, but then again, Harbaugh hasn’t won a big game at Michigan and now in his fifth year as the man in charge, the Wolverines likely won’t play in the Big Ten Championship game.

Harbaugh and his Wolverines have lost at least three games in each of his first four seasons and they’re staring that same number in the face this year as well.

As for Finebaum’s comment about being able to close his eyes and find a better coach for Michigan, that’s a little dramatic, but for anyone out there thinking another coach couldn’t do what Harbaugh has done at Michigan you’re simply not living in reality. Harbaugh has done nothing special.


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