Paul George Rumors Build After Reports Claim Knicks Are Interested

Paul George

Getty Image / Ronald Martinez

With the NBA Draft just hours away, rumors are buzzing about potential trades that could be made.

Reports about Paul George’s potential availability came to light, as it sounds like the Los Angeles Clippers are gauging trade interest.

Since then, reports claim the New York Knicks are expressing interest in a possible deal to land the star forward.

According to Ian Begley, the Knicks and Clippers have held discussions about a potential Paul George trade.

For now though, it’s unclear whether or not George is actually available or not.

Even so, it’s noteworthy that New York is in talks with LA. Especially considering many believe the Knicks are a piece away from being a true contender in the Eastern Conference.

Having a potential starting five of Jalen Brunson, RJ Barrett, Paul George, Julius Randle, and Mitchell Robinson sounds like a dream come true for the Knicks. But, there’s a strong chance the Clippers want one of those four guys in return.

Although nothing is set in stone, as no breaking news on this rumored trade has broke, fans are still freaking out about the possibility of having George join the team.

Just make it happen!

Paul George does have some health concerns. But he’d probably be a great fit in New York.

Some fans are concerned about the trade package New York would have to give up.

Meanwhile, other Knicks fans want Paul George no matter what.

These rumors should pick up steam as the day goes on. However, other organizations could get into the mix to possibly acquire George.

Even so, we haven’t seen a report claiming the Clippers are for sure going to trade the star forward. Until then, this is all just speculation.