Paul Pierce Bizarrely Admits To Renting ‘Girlfriend For The Day’ During NBA Finals Live Stream

Paul Pierce on the red carpet

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NBA legend Paul Pierce might be too wild to be featured on live streams.

In 2021, Pierce got himself fired from ESPN after playing poker on an Instagram live stream filled with strippers.

During an interview with I AM Athlete, Pierce says he was baffled by the firing.

“I got fired for what? I got fired for having some entertainment,” Pierce asked. “I’m playing cards, [it’s] my boy’s birthday, there’s girls dancing, and we’re blowing some trees. What did I do wrong?”

Pierce, who now works for Showtime Sports, appears to have found himself in a bit of hot water while live streaming.

During a recent live stream, Pierce introduced his girlfriend to Kevin Garnett.

While introducing the woman, Pierce admitted to renting her for the day.

“This is my girlfriend for the day, they have a website where you can hire girlfriends for the day.”

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