Pedro Martinez Had To Apologize After Going Full Racist Following The Indians’ Win Over The Red Sox



In case you missed it, after Monday night’s three-game sweep of the Boston Red Sox by the Cleveland Indians Pedro Martinez decided it was a good time to offend all sorts of people.

Not only did he say that he used to “hunt Indians” he then doubled down on that misstep by breaking out some sort of misguided war cry.

Ouch, indeed.

Needless to say, Martinez felt the need to apologize for his actions, both in English as well as in Spanish…

Of course he didn’t mean anything by it. Nor do probably the thousands of dopes who do similar things week-in and week-out in places like Atlanta, Tallahassee and Cleveland, right?

I think the real story and ultimate in irony here is that Martinez had to apologize for doing something racist with regard to Native Americans on Columbus Day because he was covering a professional sports team named the “Indians.”

There is definitely more than one disconnect happening in this whole situation.