The Pelicans Are Going To Laughably Petty Lengths To Distance Themselves From Anthony Davis

by 5 months ago
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Earlier this week, Anthony Davis ruffled the Pelicans’ feathers when his agent announced the superstar was seeking a trade to a team that’s actually good at basketball.

New Orleans managed to make it to the Western Conference Semifinals last year thanks in no small part to the efforts of Davis but have had a fairly underwhelming campaign this season. As a result, it appears he wants to give his back a break after carrying the team on it for as long as he has.

While a number of teams have reportedly reached out to the Pelicans regarding a trade, it looks like Davis is doing everything in his power to get shipped to greener pastures in Los Angeles and the Lakers are prepared to do whatever they can to make it happen.

However, based on how the Pelicans have responded, it’s clear the breakup is far from mutual and the team appears to be in denial even though the writing has been on the wall for at least a couple of months.

With that said, it looks like the Pelicans are slowly coming to terms with reality but have decided to do so in the pettiest ways possible.

According to Complex, the team decided to fire a shot at Davis on Wednesday night and took a page out of Joseph Stalin’s playbook when they edited him out of a pregame intro video.

While no one knows exactly when this change occurred, the Pelicans also opted to remove Davis from their Twitter header and replace him with a picture of Jrue Holiday— who said he only signed with the team because they had Davis on the roster.

It’s a shame the technology from Eternal Sunshine doesn’t exist in real life because it seems like New Orleans could really use it right now.

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