Penn State Kicker Joey Julius Enters Treatment Facility To Deal With Eating Disorder

by 1 year ago


Last October, Penn State kicker Joey Julius revealed his long ongoing battle with binge eating disorder.

“My team physicians started to notice not only a change in my overall happiness but also my performance as a normal human being,” Julius wrote.

Julius said his binge eating would involve eating a salad in front of his teammates but then hiding food in his backpack to take to his room to eat alone. He said he would order cheesesteak, French fries and Chinese food and binge eat until he was sick.

“I would have to lay down to the point where I was so sick I couldn’t move and [I would] just, you know, lay there,” he said. “And there were sometimes I would cry.”

Last night, Julius announced on his Facebook page that he has decided to take some time off from football to seek treatment for the disorder.

Hopefully Joey can eventually conquer his demons and gets better soon.

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