People Are Posting The Funniest NBA Moments They’ve Ever Seen And I Am Prepared To Die In This Rabbit Hole

Harry How/Getty Images

From a very young age, NBA basketball has been my favorite entertainment product. Aside from my view that NBA players are the best overall athletes on the planet, there’s a particular pettiness engrained in the league that lends itself to moments of absurdity that is distributed to the masses by the diligent and hilarious characters of NBA Twitter.

I spent the better half of the morning scrolling through the replies to the following question:

Join me on this journey.

Paul Pierce dies in Game 1 of the 2008 NBA Finals, comes back to life, and scored 22 points to help the Celtics beat the Lakers.

Pierce would later admit that he just had to take a dump.

Kevin Garnett urges Craig Sager to incinerate his outfit. 

Kevin Garnett Part II. 

Kevin Garnett Part III (Note: He went straight to the NBA outta high school). 

Chuck Hayes’ seizure shot. 

Karen gets mouthy.

Sam Dekker’s very first day with the new feet.

Fergie’s National Anthem rendition at the 2018 All Star game divides America.

Washington Wizards inventing new ways to lose. 

Suns bench trying to avoid being the victims of a homicide.

Ladies and gentlemen, Carmelo Anthony.

Kawhi treated Canada like a girlfriend he couldn’t break up with because she just suffered a family tragedy.

Spike Lee gets excited about the Knicks. Or something.

 Jordan plays God.

Ernie smashes box.

Ok, I think I’ll end on the haunting visual of Ernie Johnsons smashing.

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