Former Boxing Champ Goes On Amazing Rant About How Kim Kardashian’s Ass Is Ruining Our Children

by 3 years ago
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Kim Kardashian and her tribe of ne’er-do-wells are on vacation this week in some tropical paradise.

As such, there have been a bunch of photos appearing all over the internet of Kim, Kourtney and friends frolicking on the beach in bikinis.

Looks like fun, huh?

Well, former middleweight champion Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin doesn’t think so. He thinks that Kim’s ass is ruining our youth. In fact, he believes this so much that he took to Instagram to express his thoughts on the matter, writing…

“I know some people have a hard time being happy with what they’re born with, or maybe I shouldn’t even bring up what I think about this pic. I just have a hard time understanding the reason for modifying your body to look like this?”

“And the impact it has on our culture, because the majority of the women wanna be followers and have a behind just like this!”

He added, “I just posted this picture because no matter what- you going to have to learn to live, with or without work to your body.”

“I think we should worry about the genetically modified foods we’re eating instead of modifying our bodies. #justmyopinion and it really #dontcount if it brings you peace #nevermindme #imnotajudge.”

So what do you think? Is KimKSuperstar’s booty ruining our children? Or is it the plethora other things she and her family do? Either way, they’re definitely ruining something, of that I am sure.

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