Peyton Manning ‘Trying Something New’, Adding 3rd Host To ManningCast

Peyton Manning, Eli Manning

KMazur/Getty Images

Peyton Manning, the co-host of ESPN’s popular Monday Night Football “ManningCast,” has dropped hints of a significant change for the show in the upcoming 2023 season.

On Instagram, Manning posted a picture of himself reading from a binder labeled “Third Host Auditions” with the caption, “Trying something new for the ManningCast this year.”

This cryptic message suggests that the ManningCast may be adding a third co-host to join Peyton and his brother, Eli Manning, for the show’s next season.

While it remains uncertain who this potential addition might be, the Manning brothers have traditionally hosted guests throughout their broadcasts, effectively functioning as additional co-hosts.

For what it’s worth, former NFL star DeSean Jackson said he wants an invitation to join the show.