Peyton Manning Arrested For Cocaine Possession In Nashville


I bet you thought this post would be about star Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, didn’t you? Nah, he was in Charlottesville, giving a commencement address at UVA’s graduation ceremonies. The Peyton Manning busted in Nashville for cocaine is a woman who was pulled over during a traffic stop. From the WSMV police blotter:

A woman named Peyton Manning was arrested on Elm Hill Pike and Briley Parkway around midnight.

Police say 18-year-old Manning was drinking a fountain drink that she’d poured cocaine into while driving.

She allegedly had a backpack full of marijuana, THC wax and a pill crusher in the car.

Police say Manning had been texting other people about cocaine and had been selling drugs.

Manning is facing several felony drug charges.

But hey! It’s Tennessee and Peyton did play in Knoxville all those years  as a Volunteer, so there’s no doubt her parents named her after his first year or so at UT (he was Drafted into the NFL in 1998).  Classic SEC fan move. Never change, imbred SEC  football traditions.

[H/T: PGP]

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