Peyton Manning Made More Money In His Career Than Any Player In NFL History, Could Buy 23 Million Papa John’s Pizzas

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At the spry age of 39-years-old–25 years before the average American retires–Peyton Manning is sitting on a mountain of cash from his 18-year NFL career. How tall is the mountain? Taller than the tens of thousands of players to ever wear an NFL uniform.

According to, Manning has made $248 million in his career with the Colts and Broncos. Manning’s final season, in which he was basically carried through the finish line by one of the most high-powered defenses of all time, he raked in a base salary of $15 million, sweetened with another $4 million for winning the AFC championship game and the Super Bowl, according to Fox Sports.

But that quarter billion dollar earning isn’t even taking into account the money Manning’s made off endorsements, as he has been the most marketable NFL player for most of the past decade. Partnerships with Buick, Nationwide, Reebok (recently switched to Nike), Papa John’s, Gatorade, and DirecTV has amassed Peyton over $150 million.

It’s uncertain how Peyton will pivot his career post-retirement, but whether he joins an NFL front office or jumps into broadcasting, he has a solid $398 million if he just wants to sit home, finger his bellybutton, and blow it all on 23 million Papa John’s pizzas.

P.S. The next highest paid active player in the NFL is his brother Eli, who has made $187.7 million in career salary. Sorry, Touchdown Tommy.

[h/t Fox Sports, Spotrac]

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