A Detailed Look At The PGA Tour’s Charter-Jet Plan And What It Will Cost For Players And Caddies

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The PGA Tour is set to get back to action during the week of June 8-14 at the Charles Schwab Challenge in Texas and on Wednesday details of the Tour’s safety procedures were released. While multiple levels of testing is the first piece of the puzzle, traveling from tournament to tournament is the next.

GOLF obtained a 37-page document that was sent to players and other officials dated May 12 that explains that the Tour will “strongly encourage” players and caddies to use its chartered jet that will be arranged for players and caddies at each tournament on the PGA Tour, PGA Tour Champions and Korn Ferry Tour.

Not every player will have a guaranteed seat on the jet, however, as the document mentions a 170-passenger capacity specifically due to health and safety measures taken like leaving the middle seat open in each row. Players and caddies can reserve their seats a week before departure.

Players and caddies will also be required to submit to viral testing within 24 hours of departure with only the passengers who test negative allowed on the flight.

The PGA Tour isn’t covering the cost of the ticket, however.

PGA Tour and PGA Tour Champions players will be charged $600 per seat while Korn Ferry Tour players and all caddies will pay $300 per seat. It is worth noting that full refunds will be available for anyone who cancels their reservation 24 hours in advance or if they test positive.

Players that don’t elect to take the charter flight or those that aren’t lucky enough to snag a seat will be left to fend for themselves as far as getting to the next event. The first four events on the new-look schedule are spread out as players that elect to play in all four will go from Fort Worth to Hilton Head to Connecticut and then to Michigan.

While no specifics have been laid out as far as safety procedures while on the actual plane, the document did state that all passengers will be provided with “personal protection equipment” so it’s safe to assume they will all be asked to wear masks during the flight.



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