Former Golfer Turned Doctor Explains What Tiger Woods Is Facing Following Foot Surgery

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Tiger Woods‘ days as a legitimate competitor on the PGA Tour were already numbered.

At 47 years old, Woods just isn’t able to keep up with the next generation physically, especially after a number of injuries and surgeries.

But his hopes of a miraculous comeback, yet again, may have just hit another heard.

Woods has withdrawn from the last two major championships he’s played in, including the 2023 edition of The Masters just two weeks ago.

After the latest setback, the golf superstar opted to have surgery to help repair foot/heel injuries suffered in a gruesome one-car accident in 2021.

“Earlier today, Tiger underwent a subtalar fusion procedure to address his post-traumatic arthritis from his previous talus fracture,” a statement on Woods’ Twitter account read.

But what the heck is a subtalar fusion? And what does it mean for Woods going forward. Well, we’re glad you asked!

Enter Dr. Bill Mallon.

Mallon played on the PGA Tour in the late 70s and early 80s. He then left the tour to study medicine at Duke University. Mallon became an orthopaedic surgeon not long after. He now serves as the Associate Consulting Professor of Orthopaedics at Duke. Mallon also operates his own practice.

So if anybody knows what’s going on with Woods, it’s Mallon.

He took to Twitter on Wednesday night to further explain the procedure.

“What’s a fusion? A fusion is where you take two adjacent bones, that form a joint between them, and fuse them together to form one larger bone, and the joint goes away in the process,” Mallon said. It is done to alleviate pain, usually, although it can be done for instability. 3/n”

Mallon went on to explain that the surgery would likely limit Woods’ motion in his right foot. But it will also provide pain relief. The doctor also confirmed that Woods will be on the shelf, again, for an extended period of time.

He also explained that Woods is likely out for the rest of 2023. The clock is ticking on Tiger Woods’ career. And it doesn’t look good for his fans.